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CNC Cutting Services


CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled and routing is the cutting, shaping, drilling, milling, and surfacing of materials using a computer controlled router head. We are able to work on a number of different materials on the CNC router including acrylic, polycarbonate, Alumimimum and non ferroius metals, Ply, MDF, Natural Woods, Corian, foamex and dibond sheets and most composite materials. CNC routing typically produces consistent and high-quality work improving productivity, reducing waste, frequency of errors, and the overall lead time on the production of units.

Our 3m x 2m CNC router enables us to cut, shape and profile to your design or requirements. We are flexible when it comes to materials either sourcing the materials for you or accepting your own which ever is more convenient to suit your needs. 

We attribute our success to the expertise and experience of our team, our attention to detail, and our combined commitment to provide the best customer experience we can.


  • Contract CNC router services available.

  • CNC cut profiles from almost any sheet materials, reducing labour time and increasing productivity and quality.

  • Sheet materials often machined include timber boards such as MDF, plywood,  chipboard, veneered board and other materials DI-Bond acrylic and non ferrous sheet metals.

  • Items we specialise in include exhibition and display related items, display cabinets, office furniture and signage.

  • One-off or large quantity.

  • Our machine is capable of precision cutting to the most complex shapes.

  • We can convert your files given, either DXF or DWG or we can draw new files and programs with our software.



Whether your needs are for small batches, prototypes or large production runs, we can offer a fast and reliable service that is cost effective and flexible to meet your needs, producing great results first time every time! 

​What we Produce
Some of our previously machined products  include console cabinets, Desk Systems, Decorative panels, Fretwork Screens, Exhibition Displays and Point of Purchase Displays, Aerospace, moulds, signage and much more!


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