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 Acrylic Bending


Hot line bending is essentially used to bend different materials into the shapes required by our customers. The technique is used on all varieties of thermoplastics, including polycarbonate, PVC, ABS and HDPE, amongst others. The machine that performs the bending uses a heated wire for a heating element and this is applied to a specific area of plastic sheeting until it can be bent safely without any pull back. Hot line bending essentially allows us to bend items without compromising the integrity of the structure of the plastic. The corners that are created by such a process are generally very strong. It also produces more rounded edges rather than sharp ones, making for safer products and components.


Line bending is an efficient low cost process to create straight bends which involves very little tooling.


The main benefits of plastic line bending are:


  • straight bends are produced very efficiently

  • set up costs are low

  • no tooling is involved


Whether your needs are for small batches, prototypes or large production runs, we can offer a fast and reliable service that is cost effective and flexible to meet your needs, producing great results first time every time! 

​What we Produce
Some of our previously machined products  include console cabinets, Desk Systems, Decorative panels, Fretwork Screens, Exhibition Displays and Point of Purchase Displays, Aerospace, moulds, signage and much more!


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