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Diamond  Polishing Services


We offer a Diamond edge polishing service, to compliment our CNC router cutting and cut-to size service...


A better choice for a quality finish is diamond polishing. Diamond polishing can be used for straight edges and can provide excellent results.

This process is mainly used on acrylic, to give cut panels a glass-like, perfectly smooth and square edge. Using this method has the advantage over forms of edge-polishing that use heat. The square, straight, clean edge produced by diamond polishing makes it ideal for components that have to be bonded together, as it produces superb results. Our diamond polisher is perfect for leaving a crisp, clean polished edge on square-cut panels. Panels from 1mm all of the way up to 50mm are inserted through the belts of the machine where they pass over a diamond-tipped cutting hub spinning at up to 20000rpm. 0.75mm of material is then skimmed from the panels leaving a perfectly polished finish. This is a very economical way of polishing a high number of panels.


For more information and pricing, please call us.




We attribute our success to the expertise and experience of our team, our attention to detail, and our combined commitment to provide the best customer experience we can.


Whether your needs are for small batches, prototypes or large production runs, we can offer a fast and reliable service that is cost effective and flexible to meet your needs, producing great results first time every time! 



Flame Polishing Services


Flame polishing is a method of polishing a material, usually clear acrylic, perspex or polycarb by exposing it to a flame. Melting the surface of the material creates surface tension which smooths the surface out. Operator skill is critical with this method which is why we have a number of highly trained staff.


Manufacturing processes leave scratches or tool marks on unfinished products. Flame polishing completely smooths edges and surfaces, giving the highest quality professional finish possible. This method is perfect for creating flawless edges and removing scratches, it rapidly transforms an unfinished surface into one that is smooth, clear and glass like. It is also a great way to restore and improve the looks of older plastic parts, and for polishing saw cut edges of acrylic sheet.

Flame polishing gives the clearest finish, especially when polishing acrylic. Flame polishing is frequently used in acrylic plastic fabrication because of its high speed when compared to abrasive methods. 



For panels which have been machined into a shape or with rebates, chamfers, etc, flame polishing is the ideal process for removing the machine marks and leaving a smooth and highly reflective polished finish. 





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